Our Company

Our consulting services give medical professionals more time, resources, know-how and tools to succeed.

Our cost-effective methods and administrative tools are tailored to the needs of busy healthcare professionals and their staff.

Our intent is always to solve your problems and provide information and services to help you operate efficiently.

Practices that fail to comply with changing regulations risk severe penalties and lost reimbursement.

You will find, as many of our clients do, that our principals are knowledgeable, responsive and organized. Your investment in MMS expertise will produce solutions that pay rich dividends for years to come.

The founders and principal consultants of MMS have extensive clinical backgrounds, distinguishing them from other consultants.

Duane C. Bailey, PA, MBA, co-founder, president and CEO of Medical Management Services has consulted with a wide variety of practice types, from solo practitioner practices to large university-based groups. In all settings, the fundamentals of sound problem solving, couple with personalized attention, have been the key to successful projects.

Robert J. O'Shea, PA, CPC, co-founder of Medical Management Services, servers as a vice president of the corporation. Bob's background includes 12 years of line experiences in clinical medicine as well as five years as a hospital corpsman in the U.S. Coast Guard early in his career. Bob's interactive style proves enjoyable to clients. He specializes in preventative management to create healthy medical practices.

William E. Wright, RN, MBA, co-founder, vice president and chief financial officer of Medical Management Solutions, established his clinical career from the ground up, progressing through the ranks as an EMT, LNP, ASN, and BSN. His clinical background, coupled with an MBA, afford him a comprehensive perspective of the financial, reimbursement and organizational aspects of healthcare.